Prosthetic Thumb Conquers Giant-Screened iPhone 6

Prosthetic Thumb Conquers Giant-Screened iPhone 6

Reminder: Thanko's Got Your Back
(in the form of some extra thumb)

Unless you just came out of a coma (if so, welcome back!), you're probably aware that the newly released, roundly improved (ha!), and much larger-screened iPhone 6's are currently powering their way into the global market. It's true: the iPhone continues evolving and improving a breakneck speed. Human evolution, however, is a much slower process...

Which is to say that, until the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, most people have been able to use their Apple phone one-handed, one-thumbed, with no reach issues. Well, things have changed, and the harsh lesson learned by those of us not in the NBA is clear: our average thumbs are no longer adequate. Thankfully, the heroes at Thanko have an answer.

When we first reported on this back in May, they laughed at Thanko's visionary engineers, and they laughed at us for spreading the word. But now who's the joke on? Now, who among the naysayers can claim to NOT want that extra 15 mm on their opposable digit?!


• • •

Here is the thumb-shaped stylus for those who have a short thumb!

Well, probably you are thinking who wants to buy Thanko's Thumb-shaped Stylus. If you can pocket your pride, it could be a very useful tool for you.

During commuting in a madly crowded train here in Japan, you want to kill your time playing with your smartphone. You can only use one hand because the other hand is holding onto a strap, and then this issue will happen:

Your thumb cannot reach to the side of the smartphone screen (especially using a phablet)...

If you put on the Thumb-shaped Stylus, your thumb will be 15mm longer and able to reach to any corner of the smartphone screen easily.

Also, sometimes you might get irritated by the slow reaction of the touch screen with your actual thumb, but the Thumb-shaped Stylus will help you to more-smoothly press on the screen.

  • Price: ¥1,480 (~$15)
  • Size: Length 49mm x Diameter 25mm
  • Weight: 11g

Want one?
The Thanko thumb-shaped Stylus is available here.