InfraShooting Tokyo Game Show: You Have NOT Seen This Before (GALLERY)

InfraShooting Tokyo Game Show: You Have NOT Seen This Before (GALLERY) -

“Hoping they break the monotony a little for you.”
Those were the words sent our way by a local game developer, gaming tech maker, and Aki reader known as JAB, who got in touch with us as Tokyo Game Show 2014 was wrapping up. Had some interesting photos, he said. He’d only brought his ‘unusual’ cameras to TGS this year, he also said. Hmmmm, we thought.

Now, we had no real complaints about the hundreds of traditional shots we took over the course of 4 days at TGS, but the fact is that several hundred other media outlets were taking basically the same photos from the same vantage points angling for the same light - all arriving at photos with little to no distinction. Basically, if you saw one TGS gallery, you kinda saw them all.

But not this time, not with these shots. As you’ll see in the gallery, suffice it to say: monotony vanquished.

Filtering, No; Camera Mods, Yes
Important to know here is that the 43 images in this gallery did not arrive at such intriguing goofiness through digital filters - there’s no Photoshop or Lightroom post-production going on here. JAB’s photos are JAB’s photos because the cameras themselves have been individually modified to allow more, less, additional, etc. spectra to get up on the sensor.

We don’t know exactly what mods have been made, but we do know that most digital cameras employ built-in IR blocking systems of some sort, and so we suspect his magic lies in tweaking and rejiggering that system (but honestly, we could be way off). Whatever JAB does to get these shots, it’s pretty cool stuff. Because like, who hacks digital cameras for fun, right? It’s kinda badass. Thanks, JAB!

InfraShot Tokyo Game Show:



To get your eyes on more of JAB’s work, jump over to Shutterstock and have a look. It’s nice, nice.

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