Logicool G910 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (AKA: Orion Spark)

Logicool G910 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (AKA: Orion Spark) - AkihabaraNews.com

This Tech is Cool and, No, it isn’t a Cheapo Chinese Knock-Off
Those not in the know might wonder what exactly a Logicool is, and why they aren’t being sued out of existence by Logitech. Well, it’s easy: they’re the same thing. For a reason nobody knows or really cares to know, in Japan, the Tech becomes Cool. Which is puzzling since “tech” is considerably easier to pronounce for Japanese speakers. Whatever; digression halted.

The Logi-Whichever Orion Spark is (allegedly) the Greatest Gaming Keyboard in the Known Universe
Well actually, here in Japan it’s not being called “Orion Spark,” which means one of two or both of two things:

  • 1. The Japanese don’t know what the hell that would mean, and/or;
  • 2. Somehow they realize that it’s lame to name a keyboard...unless you name it Cheeto Dust or maybe Beef Jerky or Grandma or something cool like that.

Enhanced Pew-Pew
So what is it about this keyboard that makes it so much the greatest? Well, these keys are “Next-Generation ROMER G mechanical ones,” and we take that to mean that it’s more than just iterating from 5 to 5s, rather, it’s a jump to 6. We don’t really know what the previous-gen ROMERs were all about, but Logicool says this new one is madd-responsive and also guaranteed to make a really satisfying clicky sound.

Even moreover, they keys have lights in there and they can be like 16.8 million different colors - and that’s not a smartassery like most of the rest of this article - seriously, you can PANTONE the hell outta this keyboard and dial it in perfectly to match your dungeon, lair, mancave, gaming establishment, or mom’s basement. More practically, you can also paint a selection of keys for your own special berserker attack and you’ll kick more ass that way.

Nine Gs, Ya’ll
The keyboard features 9 programmable G Keys, which, when assigned a special task and properly manipulated, will make the keyboard really like you. These are kinda like setting macros, and they can be customized across 3 user profiles - because this keyboard also does that.

Penultimately, like many things in life, including us humans, the keyboard includes smartphone connectivity via LogiWhomever’s Arx Control Integration app, which is like a FitBit for your keyboard. You know, counting steps and calories and shit like that.

This Much Money:
Okay, that about does it. Last bit, the G910 is going to be about $200 in Japan, but only about $180 in the U.S. This is because, by most objective measurements, living in Japan is just better than living in the U.S. Naturally, there are exceptions, we just mean like, crime rates, cleanliness, quality of education and healthcare and junk and stuff. All that makes your keyboard cost twenty more dollars over here.

This Video is from Logitech Because Logicool Don’t YouTube too Good:

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