Japanese Frozen Frisbee Pizza Microwave Success

Japanese Frozen Frisbee Pizza Microwave Success - AkihabaraNews.com

Different People Attach Importance to Different Things
It would seem. Looks like.

Over the decades, Japanese TV producers have developed an extreme ninja mastery of the teasing commercial cut and fluffy context padding. Those skills flex hard to dramatize this particular subject matter and milk it for 9 minutes of melodrama (the clip featured here is condensed to 1 minute). 

Trick Frisbee Pizza Stunt
We're just going to let Reddit user Labsam put this one into words:

"Did I just watch almost ten minutes of a video in which I didn't understand a word but a guy first threw a pizza across 20 meters in a microwave and then closed it with a second Frisbee?

Yes, and I enjoyed it."

Thanks to fantastic photographer and friend of the site Kai Hayashi for getting us hip to this little gem.

Go Deep
If you prefer the full 9-minute experience of overly dramatized pizza throwing challenge - the end of which showcases some of the frisbee thrower's true skill - then by all means, indulge.

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