Tokyo Game Show 2014: Day One on the Floor (VIDEO)

Tokyo Game Show 2014: Day One on the Floor (VIDEO) -

The Tokyo Game Show Industry/Press Days are Over. Long Live the Industry/Press Days
We're preparing to head out for our last day of #TGS coverage (it's Cosplay Night!), and of course it's exciting to be able to spend more time at this great event, but today a sobering reality weighs heavy. 

Today is Public Access: Day #1.

We've been enjoying the luxury of relatively uncrowded booths, bathrooms, and easily accessible spokespeople, but that all changes today. Of course we known that without the gaming masses the event wouldn't exist and we'd have no gigantic gaming tradeshow to talk about, so we accept it. 

Okay, We'll Share - Let the Masses Come In!
We're pretty sure today will be rough waters in a sea of hardcore game nerd dorkitude, but in truth, we're thrilled to be among it all. This year's #TGS organizers estimate that more than 200,000 people will visit the event, and today we'll be there with the first wave of non-media, non-industry fans - quite literally, 10's of thousands of them.

We're going to show you some of that later today and over the next few, but for those who'd like see a less hive-like version, we tossed together a quick 3-minute overview of what we saw on day 1 (complete with only mildly grating game-inspired background music). Have a watch, and feel for us. It's not going to be such easy-access today!

Catch our report on the first day of #TGS here, where you'll find a lot more of this: 

Down from Above: Not too crowded on industry/press days.

Microsoft's expansive presence.

There are Gundam games. That is all.

Lots of business being done at the event, too.

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