Waterproof, Unlimited-Terrain RC QuadCopter from Takara Tomy

Unlimited-Terrain RC QuadCopter from Takara Tomy

Well that’s an interesting way to go about it...
Takara Tomy’s made thousands of RC toys over the years, but this is the first in a while that’s really caught our interest: it really is a go-anywhere ride.

Basically, what they did is take the standard parts from those little impossible-not-to-crash RC helicopters that’ve been available for years, and they just straight-up mounted them on a wheeled chassis that's anything but traditional.

What’s really clever is that they waterproofed the motor and other electronics and made the wheels buoyant. Also, to keep it light, there is no drivetrain; the entire vehicle is propelled by the rotors, even when turning on land (aided by the leaning body, which effectively provides 4-wheel steering). And hey, if you can’t turn tight enough, just fly on over!

The plastic rotor blades are partially shielded, and the extended axels and big poofy tires provide both protection during crashes and suspension (also protecting spectators who might be crashed into). Takara Tomy says it’s for ages 15 and up, but that sounds really super lame. We’d totally give this to like...a six-year-old. Yeah, no problem with that.

In Action:


  • Product: 水陸空RC (Water/Land/Air)
  • Available: October 25, 2014
  • Manufactured by: Takara Tomy
  • Dimensions: Length 190mm; Weight 50g (that’s really super light)
  • Power Source: 6 AA Batteries
  • Price: ¥ 9,990 ($100.00)

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