CUTE: Headless Robot Chasing a Laser Pointer

Headless Robot Chasing a Laser Pointer (is so dang cute) -

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We hate to use the word ‘cute’ when discussing robotics, but…

Come on now...just have a watch and tell us that ain’t the case. You can’t. Unless you’re mean, uptight, and cold, cold of heart.

Not a whole lot of people have seen DIY electronics blogger (Japanese-only / 日本語) and hobby-kit robotics enthusiast frostydesign’s latest upload, but it deserves some attention. And for those with a genuine interest beyond “OMG this running robot is the bees knees!”, frostydesign has documented 4 years of building and testing on his YouTube page.

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The video featured here, ‘robot's sole was made small,’ which we sincerely wish was a pun, is actually an agility demo.
See, from hobby kits all the way up to ASIMO, bipedal robots tend to have huge flat feet - this helps compensate for the difficulty roboticists face when engineering and programming balance for two-legged locomotion.

In this demo, frostydesign’s robot uses a close-to-human-feet-size-ratio of 302mm x 88mm, and clearly it works quite well.

As for the built-in laser pointer, we’re actually not sure if it’s been used in combination with a gyroscopic stabilizer or if it’s just for fun - any executive-level robogeeks know?

Something we are completely sure about is that it’s dang cute. You know it’s true.

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