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  • CEATEC Japan 2014 

Open to the Public:
Tuesday, October 7 - Saturday, October 11

LocationMakuhari Messe Convention Center [MAP]

About CEATEC Japan 2014:

"Counting the 15th year since the commencement in 2000, CEATEC JAPAN 2014 (‘see tech’ Japan) will feature 2 main exhibition stages, Special Exhibit, and conference sessions, as well as a new Venture Area and engineer exchange events. We look forward to everyone visiting the show and also invite you to stay tuned to information transcending the traditional borders between different businesses and industries that will be published ahead of the show through the mutual cooperation from the industries and media.

Exhibition theme: “NEXT – Technology Makes the Future” CEATEC JAPAN 2014 will gather the latest technologies in the wide-ranging IT and electronics industries based on the theme “NEXT – Technology Makes the Future” to show the future outlook and possibilities of IT and electronics. Moreover, it will generate new business opportunities through the convergence of medical & healthcare, automotive, energy and other divergent fields in ways that transcend conventional market boundaries. Creating new business opportunities is a mandate of CEATEC JAPAN, and is the catalyst that will lead to the new “NEXT”.

More Details at Event Homepage (English & Japanese/日本語)

We're SOOOO Going to be There!
AkihabaraNews will be on the scene - editors and contributors alike, sporting our
 dorky green Aki-pig QR-code nametags. We'll be running around taking photos and talking shop - come chat us up! 

One of the World's Largest Tech Tradeshows
What's it like? Check out all our 2013 coverage here, and don't forget - in addition to the cutting edge tech on display every year at CEATEC, there are many other, ummm...attractions. Below you'll find a few examples thereof, and you'll find the full gallery here.

CEATEC 2013 Coverage

Tech Events, Cultural Events, Trade Shows, Startups, & Expos in Tokyo and Beyond


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Akihabaranews - Girls of Tokyo Game Show 2013

AkihabaraNews was impressed with the games at Tokyo Game Show 2013.  But we must also give some more recognition where it is due: to the GIRLS of Tokyo Game Show 2013.

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McDonald's in Japan is going to release 4 burgers, 3 side dishes, 6 drinks/desserts, and 1 breakfast dish, which are made in the image of 8 FIFA World Cup participating countries, starting on May 27. That includes burgers with soccer ball shaped buns.

Soccer ball buns are cute!

Each item will be available for a limited time only (dates are subject to change).

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