Japanese Girl Wins Air Guitar World Championship

Japanese Girl Wins Air Guitar World Championship - AkihabaraNews.com

Air Guitar World Championship
The best thing about the World Air Guitar Championship - now in it’s 19th year - is that it seems to thoroughly appreciate its own absurdity. As such, the theatricality and energy of contestants’ pseudo-strumming, rathern than the accuracy, seems to be measure of an air guitarist. The organization states:

“The purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace. According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar. This is why the whole universe is invited to play the Air Guitar for the world peace at the end of the competition.”

Hell yeah, rock on, Bro...errr, Brah?
Umm, just watch the video down there.

19-Year-Old Nanami Nagura Takes 2014
This year’s winner, nicknamed “Seven Seas,” is a little-known former member of a Japanese air guitar idol group, but she was apparently more than just a pretender. That is to say, most of the cute young girls recruited and/or cajoled into Japanese idol groups are probably more interested in being generically famous than they are in their singing, dancing, or specific (often contrived) talent. This Nanami, however, she seems to really, really wanna rock. Congrats to her.

And hey, maybe it’s a cultural thing, i.e., maybe the Japanese just want to rock in general - because two Japanese contestants made the top 5 in last Friday’s finals. American contestants took #2 and #3, but Keisuke The NinjaNagatsuka came in at #4. Given that Japan’s 127 million residents comprise less than 2% of the human population, that’s one helluva air guitar showing.

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