Pioneer - Dolby Atmos compatible flagship AV amplifier

Pioneer is going to release new flagship AV amplifier models SC-LX88 and SC-LX78 in late September.

The Direct Energy HD Amplifiers supply high-power output with all channels (up to 9 channels). They will be compatible with the Dolby Atmos cinema sound technology through a firmware update. Also, they support the MCACC PRO automatic sound field correction system, HDMI2.0, pass-through of 4K video signals, 4K upscaling function, Airplay, FLAC/WAV multi-channel contents (96kHz/24bit 5.1ch), and DSD audio (5.6MHz).

The flagship SC-LX88 has a USB DAC function to play files up to Native DSD (DoP) 2.8MHz and 192kHz/32bit. By connecting to a PC with a USB cable, SC-LX88 can play high-resolution audio in the PC.


  • Price: 335,000 yen
  • Size: 435x185x441mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Multi-channel audio output: 810W
  • Interface: HDMI Input x 9, HDMI Output x 3, MHL input x 1, Optical digital input x 2, Coaxial digital input x 2, Analog audio input x 2, Composite x 4, Component x 3


  • Price: 250,000 yen
  • Size: 435x185x441mm
  • Weight: 17.6kg
  • Multi-channel audio output: 770W
  • Interface: HDMI Input x 9, HDMI Output x 3, MHL input x 1, Optical digital input x 2, Coaxial digital input x 2, Analog audio input x 2, Composite x 4, Component x 3



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JVC Kenwood is going to release a portable Hi-Res headphone amplifier "SU-AX7" in late May. The price will be around ¥55,000.

SU-AX7 is compliant with Hi-Res audio (192kHz/24bit Linear PCM) playback. It also applies new K2 Technology that makes the sound quality higher than Hi-Res audio to bring it closer to the quality of the master audio source.

In terms of input terminals, there is a USB A and USB micro B in the front, and there is an optical digital input and stereo mini analog input.

Yamaha is going to release new entry model AV amplifier "RX-V377" for ¥44,000 in mid-March.

Although it's an entry model, RX-V377 has an HDMI input that allows the transmission of 4K Ultra HD images. It's also compatible with 3D image transmission, ARC (Audio Return Channel) and linkage with major companies' TV and recorders.

Roland is going to release a high-powered portable amp for street musicians - CUBE Street EX - on April 25.

CUBE Street EX can play powerful 50W (25W+25W) sound with 8 size AA batteries. It provides 3 levels of Power Mode so that you can adjust the number of hours of use and the maximum volume of sound:

Lantis, a Japanese music production company specialising in anime, gaming and voice actors and a Bandai Namco subsidiary, collaborated with a popular anime called Love Live! and made a limited edition high-resolution portable headphone amp called Astell&Kern AK10 Love Live! Edition.

Yoriko Takahashi - April 23, 2014

Sony is going to release 3 new models of 7.1ch AV amplifiers.

Onkyo is going to release a Lightning connecter compliant portable headphone amplifier with built-in DAC "DDA-LA20RC" from its audio brand called Deff Sound in late October. The price will be around 16,000 yen.

Pioneer - Class D "Direct Energy HD Amp" - SC-LX87

Pioneer has announced 2 new AV amplifier units that will be released in the end of September - the Class D "Direct Energy HD Amp" (SC-LX87 and SC-LX77).

They are 9-channel "Direct Energy HD Amplifiers", employing the "SABRE 32bit Ultra DAC" (9.2ch) from ESS Technology, Inc. giving it high-quality, high-power output.

Both models, at 810W and 770W respectively, feature power and intensity and surround playback of high-resolution sound, with Apple Lossless, AIFF, FLAC, and WAV.

NF Corporation provides electronic measuring instruments and power supplies for use in R&D and production lines. The company also provides electronic components and control circuits for satellites and the Hayabusa spacecraft. The programmable current amplifier CA5350, recently developed by NF to measure tiny signals, amplifies extremely small current signals from sensors. This product's performance, capabilities, and ease of use make it possible to amplify signals from a variety of current output sensors.