Mitsubishi Electric unveils its first 4K TV - REAL LS1

Mitsubishi Electric today debuted their first 4K TV - REAL LS1.  Its 65-inch (LCD-65LS1) and 58-inch (LCD-58LS1) models will be released for sale on October 30.

Mitsubishi Electric uses a red laser and cyan LED for a 4K LCD panel for the first time in the industry. Their high-grade red, blue and green colors can maximize the performance of 4K images.

Stand-alone aluminum cylindrical speaker boxes are located on each side, separated from the screen. Both right and left speakers at the top of the speaker sections are set obliquely upward to produce stereoscopic sounds.


  • Price: 700,000 yen (LCD-65LS1)/ 500,000 yen (LCD-58LS1)
  • Size: 169.7x86.2x40.2cm, 48.4kg (LCD-65LS1)/ 153.9x78.1x40.2cm, 42.1kg (LCD-58LS1)
  • Interface: 4 x HDMI input, 2 x Video input, 1 x Audio output, 1 x Optical digital audio output, 1 x Headphone terminal, 1 x USB, 1 x SD card slot, 2 Wired LAN

Main photo by ASCII