Creative Media - Inexpensive Bluetooth 2.1ch speaker system

Creative Media announced the release of Bluetooth 2.1ch speaker system T3250 Wireless (SP-T3250W) in late August. The price will be 6,980 yen.

The T3250 Wireless (SP-T3250W) consists of small speakers and sub-woofer, and supports A2DP stereo profile, SCMS (serial copy management system) -T, and SBC audio codec.

You can pair up the speaker system with a Bluetooth compliant device such as notebook PC, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, and audio player. Non-Bluetooth devices can also connect to the speaker system with a cable.

Regardless of the use (gaming, movie, music, internet contents, etc.) or either wireless or non-wireless, you can lightly enjoy it with a powerful sound for a reasonable price.

  • Front speaker: 7×7.5×14.7mm, 216g
  • Sub-woofer: 18.3×18.3×22.2mm, 1.6kg



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