Mouse Computer - G-Tune CPU/GPU 4.6Ghz OVER CLOCK PC

From Mouse Computer's gaming brand, G-Tune, new desktop PC "MASTERPIECE i1460" was released.

What do you do when you just need that little extra bit of processing speed?

The main feature of the MASTERPIECE i1460 is that the built-in Intel Core i7-4790K processor, which usually drives at maximum 4.2GHz when four cores are active (4.4GHz when 1-2 cores are active), is able to have 4 cores driven at 4.6GHz just by pushing the OVER CLOCK button at the front. This can also improve GPU performance.

There are 3 different models available. All 3 models have Core i7-4790K CPU, 16GB memory, 2TB HDD and Windows 8.1 Update (64bit) OS.

The flagship model - MASTERPIECE i1460PA1-DOC-C - (one of these 3 models) offers GeForce GTX780Ti (GDDR5 3GB) GPU. The price is 248,184 yen.

Regarding the other 2 models, Mouse Computer line-up has the MASTERPIECE i1460GA1-DOC-CVL with GeForce GTX 780 GPU that has a water-cooling cooler, and MASTERPIECE i1460GA1-SP-DOC-CVL with Radeon R9 290X. Both are 226,584 yen.


Mouse Computer