Studio Ghibli dissolves its production department

Toshio Suzuki, film producer of Studio Ghibli as well as a great friend of master Hayao Miyazaki appeared on Jyonetsu Tairiku (a weekly Japanese TV program that covers public figures) on August 3, and talked about the future of Studio Ghibli.

In a scene from their shareholder meeting, Producer Suzuki said "We will make a big change on the full spectrum of Studio Ghibli and we are planning to break down our production department."

Recently, Studio Ghibli had rumors of dissolution, that they are going to conduct a big layoff and that they will convert the operation into a copyright management company.

However, according to producer Suzuki's comment, it seems like the production department break-down will be a restructure towards the next generation. Also, he said that he cannot deny that the retirement of Hayao Miyazaki from their featured film production was absolutely a big deal.

Having reached a turning point, they are going to take a short break to reconsider their organization's transition toward a brighter future.

Studio Ghibli