Sony - Walkman meets visual-kei band the GazettE

Sony announced that today they have released a special Walkman model in collaboration with a Japanese visual-kei band, the GazettE, in a limited quantity.

The limited edition "the GazettE Model" is made based on Walkman's F series and S series. An original design is stamped on the backside, and original music video "LAST HEAVEN", photos, and wallpapers are pre-installed.

The F series supports high-resolution audio so the two as-yet-unreleased songs "INSIDE BEAST" and "FADELES" are pre-installed in high-resolution quality.

  • F series 64GB model (NW-F887) - ¥42,500
  • F series 16GB model (NW-F885) - ¥30,000
  • S series 16GB model (NW-S785) - ¥20,000

The F series offers a black colored model while the S series offers models in vivid pink, white and black.

F series:

S series: