Casio - G-Shock syncs with app for music info

Casio's new G-Shock model GBA-400 is able to tell you what the title of the music playing around you is. It will be out for purchase on September 19.

Casio enhanced its music related functions forGBA-400. GBA-400 supports Bluetooth SMART and newly developed music application "G’MIX App". By paring up with a smartphone or iPhone, GBA-400 is capable of informing you of incoming phone calls and messages, as well as researching music playing around you on the smartphone and displaying the title on the G-Shock's LCD readout.

It can also be used as a remote control. With buttons on the watch, you can control the smartphone to play music saved there in advance.

  • Price: ¥23,000
  • Color: Black x Silver, Black x Gold, Blue x Silver, Red x Silver
  • Size: 55.0×51.9×18.3mm
  • Weight: 66g