Recipe of "TOTORO" Tororo Soba

Cold soba noodle is one of the most refreshing dishes to eat during the hot summer in Japan. But it's so good that it may be served too often in the same way and family members will eventually get really bored with it.

So, a famous blogger Miyachan invented a cold soba noodle dish that is cute and attractive to look at. It's a "TOTORO" Tororo Soba - Studio Ghibli's TOTORO-shaped buckwheat soba noodle with tororo (grated gooey Nagaimo yam)!

Original recipe makes 1 serving:

- 100g of dried soba noodles
- 150g of tororo yam
- Quarter piece of toasted seaweed sheet
- 1 shiso leaf (perilla leaf)


1. In a large pot of boiling water, cook dried soba noodles according to package instructions. Rinse under cold water and drain; set aside.

2. Coil the noodles into bite-sized pieces (a chopstick could help you to coil them well), and place them on a plate while making the shape of TOTORO.

3. Put on tororo yam around TOTORO's eyes and stomach, and toasted seaweed for parts of black eyes, nose, whiskers and pattern of the stomach.

4. When it's completed, garnish with shiso leaf on TOTORO's head.

Placing less soba noodles around TOTORO's stomach and more tororo yam later is the secret to making a good-looking dish.


Studio Ghibli