Thanko - Bad-ass sunglasses camera

Well, You can at Least Look the Part!
is now selling a Sunglasses Camera for 11,000 yen.

It is designed to make the wearer look a bit bad-ass as he tracks down bad guys :)

Just like Thanko's recently-released camera built-in swimming goggles, the new Sunglasses Camera has a miniature camera built-in and allows you to record photos or movies of the scenery ahead of you as you actually see it.  

Photos and movies are saved in a microSD card. It's able to shoot a 30-minute movie when it's fully charged.

  • Price: 11,000 yen
  • Size: 155x150x50mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • OS: Windows VISTA, 7, 8
  • Power: 280mAh built-in battery (charge by USB)
  • Recording file: Movie (1280x720, VI), Photo (1290x720, JPG)
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Lens: 5M CMOS

How Thanko Imagines the Utility of their Latest Gadget

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