Skymark Airlines offers free in-flight Wi-Fi for domestic flights

Several months ago, Skymark Airlines went one step beyond other airlines with their miniskirted flight attendants. And now, it seems like they are going to do one better than Japanese major airlines such as ANA and JAL regarding in-flight Wi-Fi.

Skymark Airlines yesterday introduced the start of a free in-flight Wi-Fi service called SKYMARK FREE Wi-Fi for their domestic flights. While JAL is starting an expensive 400 yen per 30 minutes Wi-Fi access service and ANA hasn't even released any official plan, Skymark Airlines will start offering it in the cabin of their Airbus A330 on August 7.

Although currently only one of their Airbus A330-300 airplanes supports SKYMARK FREE Wi-Fi at this moment, they will continue adding it to be able to offer the service in all of their A330 airplanes.

Skymark Airlines

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