Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi: New Figure at Tokyo Otaku Mode

Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi: New Figure at Tokyo Otaku Mode -

Our Favorite Sexy/Scary Cyborg Future Cop
Even those who don't know or aren't into anime likely know what the powerful female protagonist Major Kusanagi looks like - they just don't know that they know. The iconic image of the nude cyborg female with cables attached all over her body - yep, that's her (slightly NSFW image), and she's the heart and soul of one of the largest manga/anime franchises ever.

Masamune Shirow’s seminal Ghost in the Shell and its many offshoots and derivatives, titled in Japanese 攻殻機動隊 (Kōkaku Kidōtai), are such international staples of manga and anime culture that machine translations of the Japanese title simply return “Ghost in the Shell.” Even though that's not the translation.

That is to say, it’s such a force of pop culture that the original title’s accurate translation is bastardized into English. And that's not just Google Translate, even high-end academia does it (the actual Japanese title has a lot less to do with cyborgs and AI and a lot more to do with riot police - it’s a challenging translation). Hardcore fans might find this distasteful, but we tend to regard it more as a sign of great success.

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And so, naturally, such popularity makes the franchise’s promotional merchandise, vintage manga, and collectable gear rather highly coveted by anime enthusiasts and full-blown otaku devotees around the world. One of the latest pieces of collectable was made available by Tokyo Otaku Mode earlier this week:

Major Motoko Kusanagi, from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
TOM’s description of the latest character figure:

“From the iconic anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex comes main character Motoko Kusanagi in figma form! Though small in size, this figma captures her commanding presence, and using the smooth yet poseable joints figma are known for she can be put into all kinds of action poses that show off her physical prowess as the Major of Section 9. Helping achieve this are the additional parts that come with the figma including her trusty Seburo M-5 and Seburo C-26A.”

Figure Specs:

  • Height: 145 mm (5.7 in)
  • Included: three facial expressions, Seburo M-5, Seburo C-26A, additional hair piece, additional hand pieces, articulated figma stand
  • Release Date: Late-December 2014
  • Price: $47.99
  • Link: figma Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C. Ver.

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