Casio Blings-Out the G-SHOCK Line

Casio Blings-Out the G-SHOCK Line -

Is that a Gold G-SHOCK You’re Wearing?
Given that Casio’s already produced a staggering 37,456* different models across the entire spectrum of color and camouflage throughout the 31-year run of its immensely popular G-SHOCK line, it’s a bit of surprise that this hasn’t come up before.

*It’s not really 37,456, but that number doesn’t exactly seem unreasonable. They've been...prolific.

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Why Yes, this IS a Gold G-SHOCK
Earlier this week, Casio debuted 6 new G-SHOCK watches based on previous models, but this time plated with a brilliant gold color throughout: the band, the watchface, and the case. Depending on your fashion sense and/or outfit for the day, the timepieces are available in Dark Gold, Light Gold, and Rose Gold.

In typical Casio form, these aren’t any cheapo electroplated county fair replicas, they’ve very carefully edged and precisely coated every surface possible. The angle here is that these flashier, blingier versions will attract more younger buyers and add even greater diversity to the legions of G-SHOCK fans around the world (and they are legion).

In our estimation Casio’s going for something along the lines of:
“This line of watches can be fashionable, too - you don’t have to be sporty to rock the G-SHOCK.”

The scaffolding beneath these new color variations are the digital/analog combination G-SHOCK models GA-100, GA-110, GA-200, GA-300, DW-6900, and GD-X6900. Casio provided us with some high-res shots to give readers a closer look:

All Models:







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