20 Shocking Nintendo Facts You Probably Don't know

20 Shocking Nintendo Facts You Probably Don't know - AkihabaraNews.com

Well, Not So Shocking...
But Very Interesting!

Okay yeah, just kidding - these facts aren't shocking at all. We're just making fun of the video's creators who titled their video 20 Nintendo Facts to Blow Your 8-Bit Mind. They're lying. That won't happen.

That being said, however, and futile, backhanded protests against the horrors of link baiting aside (seriously, it's an epidemic), we did really enjoy these quick nuggets of info on Japan's largest and oldest game maker. 

For Example:

  • A Russian Cosmonaut Nintendo-ed in space
  • Nintendo is a 125 year-old company
  • Donkey Kong is directly related to Popeye
  • You don't necessarily need the Wii sensor bar
  • Someone died trying to win a Wii

...and 15 More!
And hey, you don't have to be a hardcore gaming ninja commando to enjoy this little blip of history, so have a watch.

For those who do prefer a bit more street cred to their gaming news, we've got you covered:

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