Sony - Backup SD Card to backup selected folders in real-time

Sony is going to release a Backup SD Card on August 27. It's an SD card that you can leave in a PC easily and use to backup data in selected folders on a real-time basis whenever the data is updated.

4 different capacity models will be available:

  • 16GB - About ¥4,000
  • 32GB - About ¥7,000
  • 64GB - About ¥14,000
  • 128GB - About ¥27,000

Generally, SD cards have a smaller capacity than HDD. However despite its compact size, it can store large amounts of data and and can easily be left in the PC all the time, so it is easy to use for a daily backup.

The Sony Backup SD Card also supports encrypting data, and backing up mail data. To keep backup data safely, it has a function to refresh data automatically, which prevents the SD card from unexpectedly losing important data by not having been updated for a while. There is a function to alert you about its upper limit on the number of rewritings as well.

  • SD interface: UHS-I
  • SD speed class: Class 4
  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1