Sony - Backup SD Card to backup selected folders in real-time

Sony is going to release a Backup SD Card on August 27. It's an SD card that you can leave in a PC easily and use to backup data in selected folders on a real-time basis whenever the data is updated.

4 different capacity models will be available:

  • 16GB - About ¥4,000
  • 32GB - About ¥7,000
  • 64GB - About ¥14,000
  • 128GB - About ¥27,000

Generally, SD cards have a smaller capacity than HDD. However despite its compact size, it can store large amounts of data and and can easily be left in the PC all the time, so it is easy to use for a daily backup.

The Sony Backup SD Card also supports encrypting data, and backing up mail data. To keep backup data safely, it has a function to refresh data automatically, which prevents the SD card from unexpectedly losing important data by not having been updated for a while. There is a function to alert you about its upper limit on the number of rewritings as well.

  • SD interface: UHS-I
  • SD speed class: Class 4
  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1




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Toshiba is releasing the world's first NFC-enabled SDHC memory card on February 21. 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB model will be available.

I-O Data is going to release USB memory for iPhone/iPad - iStick GH07B Series - manufactured by Gopod Tech, Chinese electronics company, in early September.

iStick GH07B has a lightning connecter and USB connector to directly insert to iPhone/iPad and transfer data to a PC. You can take out a connecter you want to use by sliding a button on the body easily.

It is certified as Apple's "Made for iPhone/iPad". - Diginfo - TDK - Heat-assisted recording 40 TB HDDs by 2020

TDK has developed a heat-assisted recording technology, which will drastically increase the capacity of hard disk drives.

Buffalo - Virus scan and password lock compliant USB memory


Buffalo is going to release a new USB memory series "RUF3-PV" (32GB, 16GB, 8GB) with virus scan and password lock functionalities in mid-September.

The password lock function protects against third parties using it, and since "RUF3-PV" has "Trend Micro USB Security 2.0" built-in, it will simultaneous monitor files you save or renew with the memory card for virus infection.

It's compatible with USB 3.0 so that the data transfer speed is 70MB/s, which is 1.8 times faster than other previous virus scan compliant USB memory.

Price: Open price


Yoriko Takahashi - September 03, 2013

Toshiba - Hello Kitty SDHC memory card


Hello Kitty designed SDHC memory card is going to released by Toshiba in mid-September.

The capacity is 8GB. It supports the SD speed class "Class 10" that guarantees 10MB/second read and write transfer speed and also supports "UHS speed class 1".

Price: Open price


Elecom is going to release a USB3.0 memory stick with conversion adapter between microUSB and USB - the MF-SAU3 series - in late April. Because of the built-in conversion, the MF-SAU3 series can connect both smartphone (USB2.0) and PC.

This small USB memory stick separates into 3 parts: a USB memory stick, a conversion adapter for smartphone/tablet, and a cap for the adapter.

8GB model - MF-SAU308GBK
16GB model - MF-SAU316GBK
32GB model - MF-SAU332GBK

Toshiba today started shipment of sample products of a new microSD card to companies such as mobile device manufacturers.  The micro SD card supports the ultra-fast UHS-II interface standard for the first time in the industry.

There is a 32GB model (THNSX032GAJCM4) and 64GB model (THNSX064GBK5M4).

The 32GB model has a read speed of 260MB/s and a write speed of 240MB/s, which is an 8 times faster read speed and 2.7 times faster write speed than Toshiba's current UHS-I compliant model (MUH-A032G). - Buffalo RUF3-HSLTV USB flash drive

Buffalo's new USB flash drive RUF3-HSLTV series has the virus check function Trend Micro USB Security 2.1, which is able to prevent uncertainty and infection from viruses when you save data.

If you want to make sure your USB flash drive is not infected and avoid spreading viruses to your associates, RUF3-HSLTV series can be very useful.