Panasonic - Beauty equipment to concentrate on healing your eye strain

Panasonic is going to release 2 models of facial equipment to heal your eye strain on September 1.

They are "Beauty Type EH-SW53" that provides plenty of steam, and the compact-sized "Refle Type EH-SW30".

Both are facial steamers fully covering your eyes. The user uses a built-in feed-water plate soaked with enough water which gets warmer and generates steam once it's turned on. The warm steam brings firm, moistened and elastic skin to your eyes.

Beauty Type EH-SW53 has a nose pad to allow less air circulation and it fits better than the previous model, released around the same time last year.

  • Size: 141×96×60mm
  • Weight: 185g
  • Color: Pink

Refle Type EH-SW30 is 19% slimmer and 45g lighter compared with the previous model.  Also the location of the built-in heater has been moved a bit below to place it closer to the user's eyes. The amount of time needed to generate steam has been reduced to about 1 minute.

  • Size: 141×85×63mm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Color: Silver, Pink