Lightweight Notebook-Sized 8000 mAh Mobile Battery from Thanko

Lightweight Notebook-Sized 8000 mAh Mobile Battery from Thanko -

Energy Cost of Doing Business 
Most of us are aware that the grand trade-off in operability between the Motorola StarTac cell phone of 20 years ago and the supertech mobile communicators of now is energy. Most old phones would run for several days on a single charge, but now, moderately active to heavy smartphones users need a few charges each day.

Batteries & Chargers

Luckily, stop-gaps in the form of portable chargers/batteries abound. Most are comparable in size and form to the smartphones they’re charging, and some are smaller with different form factors (candy bar, lipstick, etc.). Since it’s basic material science, the more powerful the battery, the larger and heavier it will be.

Portable gadget chargers/batteries are great, but they become yet another thing we need to remember, another often bulky accessory. As such, we found this next product intriguing for its integrative design.

Thanko Power Bank 8000 mAh Portable Gadget Charger/Battery
At only 6mm, Thanko’s Power Bank is actually slimmer than an iPhone or iPad mini, and for its 8000 mAh capacity, weighing in at 262g isn’t bad.

But the killer features with this product, of course, are the notebook-ready form and the fact that both Apple Lightning and micro USB cables are built-in:

If you’re the kind of person who uses a smaller notebook or planner - and yes, it is ironic - then this charger/battery integrates into your daily business essentials and becomes one less thing to forget or to get lost in the bottom of a bag.

Specs for the Thanko Power Bank

  • Models: One
  • Colors: One, as seen
  • Built-In Ports/Cables: Lightning and Micro USB cables; standard USB port; A/C or USB charging plug
  • Size: A5; 140mm x 213mm x 6mm
  • Weight: 262g
  • Output: 8000 mAh
  • Price: ¥5,980 ($60)