Elecom - Wi-Fi Card Reader with the accompanying telephone directory transfer app

Elecom is going to release a Wi-Fi card reader MR-WI02BK in early August.

The Wi-Fi card reader MR-WI02BKcan pair up wirelessly with a device such as smartphone or tablet, and the data saved in those devices can be quickly transferred to an SD memory card using the SD memory card slot built-in.

It could be an easy solution for data backup or a lack of external device capacity.

Also, with an SD memory card that saves movies or music, the Wi-Fi card reader MR-WI02BK makes it possible to wirelessly play those contents on an external device.

There is a free application available to backup your telephone directory or migrate the data from an old phone to a new phone. It supports both iOS and Android so that you can do data migration between devices with different OS. It also has a QR code at the back of the card reader, and external devices can easily pair up with it by reading it.

  • Size: 39x17x90mm
  • Weight: 32g