REVIEW PREVIEWS: Sony Alpha 7s, Casio Selfie-Cam, Hybrid G-SHOCK, and a Bargain Projector!

REVIEW PREVIEWS: Sony α7S (Alpha 7S), Casio Selfie-Cam, Hybrid G-SCHOCK, and a Bargain Projector!

Restarting the Fire
Beginning late last year, AkihabaraNews rededicated itself to conducting more in-depth, multimedia product reviews. It’s gone well: contributors and editors have doubled down, and both the results and response have been great (Thanks, readers!).

Our substantial and growing review section is blooming with high-end photography products (Panasonic GH4, a real game-changer) to first-ever electric scooter trials (iPhone-enabled A4000i from Tokyo startup Terra Motors) to some of the quirkiest gadget accessories out there (Mobile Clean & Go' Gadget Screen Cleaner).

Additionally, most reviews are available in both English and French/français, with a handful in Japanese/日本語, too.

More Fuel
Coming up in July, August, and beyond we’ve got a lot more high-end gear to report on, and several of our reviews will be exclusive to AkihabaraNews. We’re very excited, and we hope our readers look forward to learning about these products as much as we enjoy reviewing and reporting on them.

Japan & Asia Tech, Cool and Cultural News!
As has always been the case, our angle is that we’re here, living and working in the Tokyo tech scene, bringing a unique, boots-on-the-ground written and multimedia perspective to readers around the world - in English, French, and Japanese.

AkihabaraNews is owned by a Tokyo-based internet business, not a publishing conglomerate. We function as a truly independent tech media outlet, and there aren’t too many of those left in the world. We’re proud to be one of them.

And so:
Sincere thanks to our readers, thanks to our advertisers and affiliates, and thanks to our contributing staff. More great things are coming in the second half of 2014!

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