Hooters Japan Sending Delegates to Miss Hooters World Pageant

Hooters Japan Sending Delegates to Miss Hooters World Pageant

Here's How to Forget the World Cup
Japan might have made a less than stellar showing at that big soccer tournament in South America, but we can all move past that now - it’s okay - there’s another spectator event ready to take over, and it’s way better!

This time, it’s North America that beckons Japan to international competition: On July 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 18th Annual International Hooters World Swimsuit Summit and/or Miss Hooters World Congress Pageant Thingy will be held.

Editor’s Note:
It’s not easy to nail down what exactly the competition is called; there are conflicting sources, but we’re guessing this post isn’t going to be subject to much journalistic scrutiny, so like, yeah...we’re just going to let some (a lot) of the details slide on this one.

Apropos to everything, a spicy chicken wing eating competition will also be part of the festivities. You know, like you do.

Truly Stiff International Competition
Of the only 100 Hooter girls from around the world who have been invited, two are from Japan (pictured below, of course), and that’s a pretty good showing. 2014 marks the fourth time Japan’s sent delegates Hooterpalooza, and naturally they're carrying the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of a nation.

Some reports say that a woman from Kentucky won last year’s world Ms. Hooter Girl Person, and some say she was from South Africa. We don’t really care, but what we do know is that America is to HooterCon as England is to soccer, if you follow. Suffice it to say, the title is up for grabs and the country of origin doesn’t have it locked.

So, while the Blue Samurai soccer guys couldn’t bring home a trophy or golden shoe or lucite plaque or whatever teams get for winning at soccer, young Ms. Moira from Hooters Osaka (below left) and Ms. Miyu from Hooters Ginza in Tokyo (below right) just might have the juice to bring home titles of their own.

AkihabaraNews wishes the J-girls luck, and they’ll probably need it. We know the judging of such competitions can vary wildly, but one thing is certain: for judges and spectators alike, watching the Hooters’ Ball will be about 5000 times more interesting than any soccer game could ever hope to ever, ever be - until and beyond the heat death of the universe.

Below are ladies who were not chosen to compete in Las Vegas. Seem fair to you? Leave a comment if you wish to raise concerns over an injustice.  

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