Thanko - USB Shoes Cooler to eliminate stuffiness in your shoes

It's an awful feeling to keep leather shoes on all day in the summertime. Thanko could be your savior with their new product: the USB Soukai Shoes Cooler.

The USB Soukai Shoes Cooler is designed to eliminate stuffiness inside your shoes. Soukai means refreshment in Japanese.

The horseshoe-shaped USB Soukai Shoes Cooler can be hitched to the front side of a shoe. The built-in USB fan sends fresh air to the inside of the shoe and helps prevent the inside from getting too humid. Since the fan is USB-powered, you can use USB Soukai Shoes Cooler anytime and anywhere you have a PC or portable battery.

It can also be used for your body by wearing it around your neck.

  • Price ¥1,980
  • Size: 48x72x33mm
  • Weight: 50g