Teragaki-Labo - Music Plate - You can hear quality sound from a plate!

Teragaki-Labo unveiled a speaker device that produces sound from a stylish, curved plate. The speaker is called Music Plate.

The price will be about ¥250,000. They will start accepting advanced orders on August 1 and delivering to buyers around early September.

Music Plate generates sound by vibrating a built-in voice coil located at the bottom of the device and transmitting the vibration to the front plate.

The front plate is detachable. Produced sound will vary depending on the material of the plate. The low and middle-pitched sound gets enriched with a wooden plate, and the high-pitched sound will stand out with a metal plate. The original model is accompanied by a plate made of finished birch. For other possible interchangeable plates, Teragaki-Labo is considering plates made of cedar, lacquered wood, and aluminum, but any release dates for these are yet to be determined.

  • Size: 300x430x130mm
  • Weight: 2.75kg
  • Audio input terminal: Stereo Mini Jack
  • Impedance: 8Ω + 8Ω
  • Amp output: 14.5 + 14.5W

A model without a built-in amplifier is also scheduled to be out in early September, but the price is not yet set.