Oigawa Railway runs real Thomas & Friends train - First time in Asia

Oigawa Railway, a railway company in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, will run a real Thomas steam locomotive from the internationally-famous British animated TV series Thomas & Friends.

They will provide the real Thomas SL service for a limited time mainly on weekends from July 12 to October 12. This will be the first time in Asia that a Thomas train will run!

For the Thomas SL, an old C11-227 train made in 1942 that they bought from the former Japan National Railways will be used after being painted in blue and with Thomas's face painted on it.

So far, reservations until October 12 are almost full, but Oigawa Railway is encouraging those who don't yet have reservations but are keen to get on the Thomas SL to contact them. There might be cancellations and you can get in if you are lucky.

Here is the Thomas SL is running against the background of beautiful scenery of Shizuoka, Japan.