The Best Transformers Movie of 2014... (VIDEO)

The Best Transformers Movie of 2014... (VIDEO)

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...is a Five-Minute Stop-Motion Masterpiece
And we'll get to it in a moment. But first, there's a reason why we're pretty much convinced it's the case.

To be fair, we've not yet seen Transformers: Age of Extinction here in Japan (we have to wait another month), but the word on the street is that Michael Bay has unsurprisingly yet still disappointingly pooped the bed bigger than ever. Alas.

We Had Hope
A few months back, we were speculating on the quality of the upcoming film and reminding the world that the Transformers were Japanese long before Hasbro's 1984 release of the G1 goody Autobots and baddy Decepticons.

That was in March, and judgemet was reserved because of the promising new actors, exciting new robot characters, and the marginal improvement that was Dark of the Moon. At the time, there was still a chance that, for those hoping for something different, something with substance, something not the first three movies, 'Extinction' could mean redemption.

Thus far, all reports point to 2 hours and 45 minutes of...Nope. And so be it, it's not meant to be screened at Sundance. It's 'splosions and helicopters and hott pants and it'll make a kajillion dollars. Fine.

Transformers 4: New Trailer (and they're from Japan, you know)

Instead, We'll Watch: Transformers StopMotion Attack on Giant
According to his YouTube channel, principle photography wrapped in September of 2013, and it wasn't until this May that Harris Loureiro eventually got around to editing the action and adding some hilariously creative A/V effects. He published just a few days ago. 

Loureiro's film stars a G2 Optimus Prime with the Battle Tanker armor upgrade (sold separately). The Autobot leader throws down against the safety-green Decepticon team aptly known as Constructicons (Loureiro refers to them collectively as 'Giant').

Now, it's not like I'm 37 and still have a box of 65 Transformers in storage at my grandmother's house or anything insane like that, but I've still gotta go a bit robo-dorky on Loureiro: Dude, each individual Constructicon has a name, and when they merge into a giant robot, they're called Devastator. And even though it's debatable whether or not the team at Hasbro realized it, it's like, you know, ironic. Just sayin.

Anyway, all respect due, we recommend watching - seriously, it's probably the best Transformers action you'll see this year.

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