Beach ball-like inflatable solar lantern

Green House is going to release a beach ball-like inflatable LED solar lantern GH-LED10SLA series in mid-July.

The solar lantern GH-LED10SLA is IPX6 waterproof. As well as being able to be compact when not in use, it doesn't require a battery. So, it is best to be used for outdoor actives and in emergencies.

It also has a handle with hook-and-loop fastener so that you can hang it while using it.

By charging the solar lantern for an hour on a sunny day, it will stay lighted for 5.5 hours in a row. When it's fully charged, which takes 20 hours under sun, it stays lighted for 16 hours.

  • Price: 2,462 yen
  • Size: 200x200x200mm
  • Weight: 99g
  • Color: Clear, White



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Editor - October 14, 2014

Green House is going to release a camera strap bag called "INSTRAP" for 2,500 yen in late October.

INSTRAP is a shoulder strap for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, which comes with a pouch to store camera accessories such as a lens cap and memory card.

There are 2 sizes available.


  • Width of strap: 35mm
  • Length of strap: 500-750mm
  • Size: W80×D40×H200mm
  • Weight: 80g


Green House - Clutch bag mobile battery - For those who wants to pursue your fashion


A hot fashion item has even influenced a mobile battery. Green House is going to release a clutch bag style mobile battery "GH-BTB4000" series in mid-September.

In addition to its eye-catching cute looks, the high-capacity 4000mAh is able to fully charge iPhones twice on one charge.

Price: Open price
Color: Black, White, Pink


Green House is going to release a rugged USB flash drive GH-UFI-XSB series for industrial use in early February. It guarantees its actuation in a -40 to -85 degree Celsius brutal operating environment.
Green House - Mobile battery for smartphones able to transform into LED light


Green house is going to release the 6000mAh mobile battery for smartphones "GH-BTL6000" that can be used as an LED light.

This 2.1A high-power mobile battery has 2 USB ports built-in so that you are able to charge two USB-charge-compliant devices at the same time.

Price: ¥7,980
Color: white, black, pink, red, orange
Size: W145×D55.3×H28mm
Weight: 230g - Green House - 980yen bus-powered card reader


Green House is going to release a new card reader/writer (GH-CRM1A-BK), which is compatible with 51 different kinds of media, for ¥980, in early November.

It is a bus-powered device so that you don't need an AC adapter.

Price: ¥980
Compatible OS: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32bit SP2 or later), Mac OS X 10.4 or later
USB: USB2.0 / USB1.1
Data transfer speed: Maximum 480Mbps (USB2.0), 12Mbps (USB1.1)
Weight: 25.2g
Size: W69.2×D42.2×H13.6mm
Length of cable: 9.5cm


Green House is going to release an LED lantern in mid-June that generates electricity by water and salt.

It doesn't need any batteries or electric charge. Just by pouring salt water into the lantern, ion seeps out of the built-in magnesium metallic bar and generates electric power.

Ocean water can be used so that it could be the perfect tool for emergencies and outdoor activity.

Editor - July 22, 2015

A mini casino can be attached to your laptop - and do some data expansion! Green House is going to release 2 playful casino-themed USB drives in late July.

Green House is going to release a cigar socket USB charger adapter "GH-CCU2A" in mid-August.

GH-CCU2A has 2 USB ports built-in so that it is able to simultaneously charge up to 2 devices at a time such as a smartphone, iPhone and iPad. Each port is compatible with up to 2.1A output, which enables you to charge 2 iPads at the same time.

It has an overcorrect protective fuse and LED light to check the condition of its power distribution.