Anti-snoring wristband-style device

Goodbye, Mr. Snore!

For heavy snorers, E.Balance released a wristband-style device - Goodbye Ibiki-kun EB-RM1810 - to ease their snoring problem.

Ibiki means snore, and "-kun" is usually used with a person's name. It's attached to a male first or last name when his name is called.

Goodbye Ibiki-kun EB-RM1810 is very easy to use. Put on the device on your wrist before going to bed. If it detects your snoring more than 3 times, it will generate electronic wave to help you to involuntarily roll over in your sleep and then will make you stop snoring by changing your posture.

The electronic wave doesn't disturb your sleep, and of course, it won't do damage to your body. Without apparent effort, you can relieve your snoring problem.

  • Price: ¥7,980
  • Size: W40xH13xD58mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Power: 1 size AAA battery
  • Operating time: 8 hours (Auto-off after 8 hours)