JAL starts in-flight mobile battery rental service

Mobile Battery...Rental?!
On July 7, Japan Airlines is going to start offering in-flight mobile battery rental service to their first-class passengers boarding domestic flights in Japan.

No seats on JAL's domestic flights have power outlets. With the new service, passengers will be able to use their devices without worrying about their remaining battery level.

The rental mobile battery is a JTT (Japan Trust Technology) MobilePower MP-16000. Its high-power 5V/2.1A output allows passengers to charge their tablet or iPad as well as smartphone. For domestic flights in Japan, 16,000mAh will be of sufficient capacity.

Since every first class seat will have the mobile battery in its seat pocket beforehand, it is great for passengers not to need to bother asking the flight attendant to borrow it.

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Other Editor's Note:
Really JAL? We like that you're getting hip to people's mobile charging needs, but is it too expensive to go ahead and put some USB ports in the back of your seats?! You might be interested to know that ANA, your main competitor, has already put that revolutionary idea to work on their planes. So like, you know, just sayin.

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