Sanwa Supply - Watt Monitor to measure and manage 7 points of electricity related data

Sanwa Supply released a Watt Monitor "TAP-TST11" to measure 7 items and manage/save the data on your PC through connection via a USB cable.

7 measurable items are:
- Consumed power of a device (W)
- Cumulative electricity power (W), hours (H) and rate (Yen)
- CO2 emission (kg)
- Temperature
- Humidity

Simply plug an electronic device into the Watt Monitor and insert theWatt Monitor's plug in a socket. It starts showing the data on its LCD display.

The Watt Monitor can be separated into 2 parts so that, for example, you can leave the plug part in the socket and keep the display part with you at your desk. The display part can work as a watch as well.

  • Size: W60xH60xL30.5mm
  • Compatible OS: Windows 7
  • Rated capacity of electric devices: 15A/100V, 1500W



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