Japanese Reporter Knows Why Cats Wait by the Bathroom Door

Japanese Reporter Knows Why Cats Wait by the Bathroom Door (MACHINE TRANSLATION)

Cats are Very Interested in What You're Doing in the Bathroom in General
If you recall his extremely scientific (except not) analysis of why cats like to watch us bathe, you know how much we enjoy the cat-based ponderings of Fanatic, Japanese news source MyNavi's resident (self-declared) feline expert. 

This week he's got some pretty solid ideas on why cats like to wait outside the bathroom while the door's closed (yes, we see the emerging Cats 'n Bathrooms theme to Fanatic's work). Japanese skill havers can hop over to MyNavi and have a read, as can non-Japanese readers who like to stare at squigglies or read machine translations. And, speaking of which...

Machine Translated Reasons:
We could of course easily translate Fanatic's reasons, but there's just something about his Japanese that produces the most amazing automatic translations. Now, bear in mind that English and Japanese are mutually 300% linguistically alien, so it's not the simple translation of a funny person - no, Fanatic's Japanese is proper weird. We like it. 
Anyway, fans of the famous "Why do Cats Shake The Ass?" query will enjoy the following beautifully unaltered machine translations of Fanatic's reasoning:

"Why cats do to wait out outside owner enters the toilet?

  • I like the owner
  • Owner is worried
  • Toilet worried about

And finally, Fanatic has some advice on dealing with cats outside the bathroom door:

"So as not to be fooled by a gesture of whimsical cat:

  • Some cats to wait out the toilet every time, with or some cats there are times when you do not when you, action is really fickle. When it is waiting for us, that would be a good place to'll reassured cat by, for example, I'll pat.

Good to Know! 
If you read Japanese, by all means jump over to 
MyNavi and check out Fanatic’s work. Cat lovers in particular will be pleased to know that much of Fanatic’s fanaticism is cat-centric. As we're often to want to say, sometimes you really have step back from it all and just...take it in. This is an amazing country.

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Japanese Reporter Knows Why Cats Like to Watch Humans Bathe

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