King Jim - Bizrage - Device to make it easier to manage piles of business cards

King Jim announced the release of a digital business card box - Bizrage DNX100.

Bizrage DNX100 is a device that makes it so much easier for you to manage a large amount of paper business cards by digitizing them quickly and easily. It is able to scan 15 business cards at once and also it supports double-sided reading. Those scanned business cards (up to 800 business cards) will be stored in the attached box below the scanner.

Since Bizrage DNX100 has a built-in memory, it's capable of scanning and save data of up to 400 business cards temporarily even when it's not connected to a PC. And later, you can transfer the scanned data to your PC with the accompanying business card management software DA-1. You can also convert the data into text data with the software.

  • Release date: August 29
  • Estimated price: About 40,000 yen
  • Size: W105×D216×H195mm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Interface: USB2.0, Wired LAN
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Reading speed: Less than 3 seconds per card
  • Minimum scan size: 52x88mm, 0.18mm-thick
  • Maximum scan size: 56.5×94mm, 0.31mm-thick