Hire a gorgeous virtual receptionist via iPad app "BIJIN=UKETSUKE"

There's a Girl in my iPad
A new iPad application called BIJIN=UKETSUKE, provided by ANALOG TWELVE, could be an interesting tool to welcome guests to your company in a fun way.

Bijin means a beautiful woman, and Uketsuke means a receptionist.

Although a company receptionist is someone who gives an important first impression of the company to the guests, recently many companies probably go without a receptionist in order to reduce costs. And instead of an actual receptionist, they place an internal phone for the guests to call a person/team to visit.

The BIJIN=UKETSUKE application is also a bilingual service (English/Japanese). So, using it is so much cheaper than hiring a good-looking bilingual receptionist.

If you are considering installing the app, there are 2 plans that you can choose from: "App Store Version" for those who want to have a try at it lightly, and "Pro Version" for those who want courteous customer support and customization options.

BIJIN=UKETSUKE is able to add some glamour to your office's boring reception desk and bring a smile to the exhausted salaryman visiting there (Salaryman means a male corporate employee in Japanese.).