Casio - Stamping ink capable of stamping on solid surfaces

For use with the Casio's custom rubber stamp maker "pomrie", Casio is going to release a new ink product  on July 4.

The new ink will expand your crafts activities. It allows you to stamp on solid materials like metal, glass, pottery and plastic. So, with using pomrie and the new ink, you are able to put your orginal designs on things like a plain meal tin and plastic box to create original items.

The stamp maker, pomrie, enables you to make your own stamps through a quick and easy process. First, create a design using the dedicated software installed on PC or smartphone. Second, forward the data from the software to pomrie, and then pomrie will make a stamping plate with the design.

The kit, which comes with the stamping ink and the ink cleaner, will be sold for 900 yen. The new ink will be available in four colors : black, red, blue and brown.



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