Sinfonia - Resola - solar panel cleaning robot

Sinfonia Technology is planning to release a solar panel cleaning robot "Resola" in autumn 2014.

Resola is like a solar panel version of the iRobot Roomba, and understands its surrounding environment with a sensor and determines its own cleaning path. It cleans up a solar panel with a wiper, brush and pouring water the same way that Roomba vacuums a room.

Resola has a lithium-ion rechargeable batter and a water tank (2.7-liter) built-in. When there is a full tank of water, Resola is able to clean up to 75 square meters, which roughly equals 45 panels, in 30-45 minutes. The life of its removable battery is about 5 hours.

With a full tank of water, Resola weighs about 23kg so a person can lift it. It can run on panels with a mounting angle of 5 to 20 degrees, up to lengthwise 3cm or widthwise up to 5cm gap between two neighboring panels, and up to 1cm difference in level.

The estimate price so far is about ¥1,200,000.