Spec Computer - Swiss army knife-shaped Lightning cable

Spec Computer has just released a Swiss army knife-shaped Lightning cable for ¥1,728.

It's as versatile as an actual Swiss army knife. 4 different kind of built-in terminals (Lighting terminal, microUSB terminal, 30-pin dock terminal, and USB terminal) allow you to charge up an iPhone, smartphone or PSVita-2000 from a PC's USB port.

Thermoplastic elastomer used as a material for the product, which is a material intermediate between gum elastic and plastic, protects the cable parts from getting damaged.

Unfortunately, with the Swiss army knife-shaped Lightning cable, you are not allowed to charge up multiple devices at the same time. Neither data transfer nor charging iPad/tablets is supported.

  • Size: W25xH94xL20mm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Color: Black, White
  • Enabled device: iPhone, smartphones, PSVita-2000