Coden - Clean your ears while watching on PC monitor

Make your ears absolutely clean!

Coden co., ltd. has just released the ultimate earpick tool "Sugoi Mimikaki", which means "great earpiece" in Japanese.

With the Sugoi Mimikaki connected to the USB terminal of a PC, you can clean up your ear while looking at the 15X zoomed real-time image of inside of your ear on the PC monitor.

Since the inside of ears are very sensitive, there is a chance to hurt it unnecessarily by cleaning it without looking at the inside. However, the Sugoi Mimikaki allows you to clean it safely and well. You can even take a photo and save the image so that you can compare and monitor your ear conditions.

I want it! I am curious to see inside of my ears.



  • Price: ¥13,980
  • Length: 19.2cm (Body), 200cm (Cord)
  • Weight: 110g
  • Recommended: Windows8、Windows7、WindowsVista、WindowsXP, 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo Processor 2GB RAM or more, USB2.0

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