Canon Kids Park 2014 - Kids can learn a lot in a fun way

During the upcoming summer vacation season for schools, Canon will hold Canon Kids Park 2014 and provide multiple events for kids to learn something related to cameras in an enjoyable way.

School teachers will give kids a lot of homework for the summer vacation. One of the most difficult homework assignments could be "Jiyuu-Kenkyu" (means independent research project in Japanese). As far as i know, every school gives kids Jiyuu-Kenkyu homework. It's a tough one for kids, but it probably bothers their parents more to think and assist what their kids will work on.

Canon has announced events that will help with Jiyuu-Kenkyu projects. From July 19 until August 30, there are several events happening at Canon's offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya where kids can make or experience different things according to their interests. For example, they can build a camera with a milk carton, make a 3D viewer using a lens, learn how to use a single-lens reflex camera and experience being a photographer and fashion model. With the experience and lessons learned at these events, kids could have enough information and ideas to base their Jiyuu-Kenkyu around.

All the events are free, but those who wish to attend have to submit an application through a special site.

The details and schedule of each event can also be viewed at the special site.