Thanko - Portable Wind Turbine Generator

Ride a bicycle and gain additional benefits!

Thanko's new Portable Wind Turbine Generator will make you feel lucky every time you ride a bicycle or motor bike.

Once you ride a bicycle or motorbike that has the portable wind turbine generator attached to the handle, it starts generating enough electricity for 2 size AA rechargeable batteries.

Using either of the accompanying 5 connecting cables, the generated power can be fed to smartphones, tablets, iPhones/iPads and things like that. You can also take out the size AA rechargeable batteries and use them for other devices. The portable wind turbine generator itself has a LED light so the saved power can be used for lighting up your ride at night.

The AA rechargeable batteries are not included to the package.

Price: ¥4,980
Size: 80.5x69.5x103mm
Weight:  124g