Samsung - Simband - wearable wristband excellent in measuring health related data

On May 28 (U.S.A. time) in San Francisco, Samsung introduced their latest project, which focuses on healthcare related technology, called Samsung Digital Health. It is to encourage start-ups to develop highly-sophisticated health control devices or services that combine advanced sensor, algorithm, data collection, and analysis capability.

So, Samsung unveiled a reference design wrist band-style wearable device "Simband" that is able to measure heartbeat, breathing rate, blood pressure, etc. on a real-time basis. Simband and the technology that's inside of it is open for companies to use so that they can develop their own products with the technology.

Simband is designed so that developers can add extra functions on a modular system. By improving the battery or form factor, and adding high-class sensor, algorithm or any other advanced technologies, anybody is able to put an innovative product out into the world.

Samsung is planning to release Simband to developers within 2014. It isn't really mentioned if it'll be available to the public.



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