Thanko - Automatic coin counting machine

In Japan, many of us still feel more comfortable paying by actual cash and carry lots of bills and coins around, while people in North America or Europe use actual cash less and less.

Today, Thanko just released new automatic coin counting machine for those who want to make their life much easier when it comes to coin counting. Although perhaps our readers don't need this product, let me introduce it to you in case.

You can throw up to 500 coins in the machine. After you push the start button, the machine will start counting the total amount of coins inside and then sort them to the appropriate sections according to the type of coins.

Also, if you want exactly 50 of 100-yen coins for instance, the machine is able to stop running when it has counted 50 of 100-yen coins.

Thanko doesn't say that it's only for Japanese coins, but I assume it is.



  • Price: ¥19,800
  • Size: 347x317x273mm
  • Weight: 4.3kg