Honda's Super Cub now protected under 3D trademark registration

Honda announced that their old-school two‐wheeled motorbike, Super Cub, has obtained 3D trademark registration with the Japanese Patent Office. This is the first time in Japan that the shape of a vehicle is protected.

Super Cub started being manufactured in 1958 starting as the "C100" series. According to Honda, as of March 2014, total production has reached 87,000,000 units in the world, it's been sold in more than 160 countries, and it's the two‐wheeled vehicle with the biggest numbers of production in the world.

The reason why the Patent Office determined to give Super Cub a 3D trademark is that even though its functionalities got upgraded many times, the exterior design has been consistent since 1958. Just by looking at the design, people are able to recognized that it's a Honda vehicle.




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