GH4 Time-Lapse Video Makes Tokyo a Living Pastel Diorama

GH4 Time-Lapse -

More Proof of GH4 Awesomeness
YouTuber and blogger darwinfish105 consistently produces Japan/Tokyo-centric multimedia work of very respectable quality, and he’s particularly fond of timelapse photography videos (we’ve also shared his stills in a discussion of giant Japanese robots). Of zero surprise, his latest video-based romancing of Tokyo, a Panasonic GH4 test, does not disappoint.

AkihabaraNews' Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley’s hands-on GH4 review - available in English, French, and Japanese/日本語 - was one of the first (if not the) to hit the internets, and with the exception of Panasonic’s somewhat lagging pro-level support infrastructure here in Japan, his was mostly a song of camera geek superlatives. While exploring a different set of GH4 capabilities, darwinfish105’s work does everything to confirm as much.

So have a watch, and then have a look below at Nayalan’s very different sort of spectrum-opposite, slow- and fast-mo ground-level versions of the GH4’s robuster than robust feature set.

This camera can do a lot…it’s like a mid-2000’s VAIO, except all the imagined capability is actually functional, and all the crammed-in features actually work together quite handily. 

More and more, the Panasonic Lumix GH4 looks like the pro-level, upending game changer we thought it could be. 

Sony, Nikon, Canon - watch yourselves, because Panasonic isn't coming for you, they're already here.

AkihabaraNews' GH4 Test Videos:


Photos & Our Videos: Nayalan Moodley, AKA DarcNoodles -


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