SCENE IN TOKYO: Shinagawa Run & Gun Commercial

Scene in Tokyo -

...wherein we sink teeth into a flaming cliché and fiddle around with homonyms and wordplay transitive to retelling our daily living, working, and existing as mostly sentient bipedal mammals hive-minding about the big, big city...with video makers in our pockets!

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Shinagawa Run & Gun Commercial

If you wanted to film a commercial among skyscrapers, commuters, on a well-maintained street with a pronounced 'This is a big City' sense of iconoclastic classic...ness, the business district near Shinagawa Station, just west of Tokyo bay, is ideal. Also of great use
 for this particular scene, it's just out of the way enough to get away with the Run & Gun.

For those unfamiliar, 'run & gun' videography is when a daring, occasionally semi-insane crew or individual shoots professional video with no permission, labor union reps, police presence, municipal permits, etc. Basically, you rush in, get your takes ASAP, and get out before anyone's the wiser.

Why do this?
The aforementioned oversight groups are expensive, bureaucratic, cumbersome, intrusive, constricting, and several other words which, in sum, are the very essence of the phrase 'Gigantic pain in the ass.' If you can bypass them, bypassing them is good.

How do we know it was run & gun?
Well, for one, the definitely not famous actor being filmed very quickly removed himself from the premises. Moreover, despite pressing the crew for information on the product, the production company, a business card, or just a individual name, all we could get was a stern but friendly "Nope."

We also know they were a bit nuts - after refusing to indentify themselves, with zero hesitation they handed over what must have been a $50,000 video rig to a complete stranger and were all like "Here, play with this!"  

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